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You can contribute to cyclecamp by clicking here to send a donation using PayPal.

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If you have a PayPal account already it will take less than a minute (if you don’t have PayPal account you can find out more here).

How is cyclecamp funded?

Cyclecamp is run by keen cycle campers under the auspices of a small micro-publisher Pointscape Publishing (which looks after the accounts and registration of the website) and is based in the south west of England. It doesn’t receive any public money at all and relies on donations to keep it going (the advertising on the site just about covers the website hosting costs).

We would like to spend more time on cyclecamp developing the network to cover the whole of the UK. Your contribution will help us do that and encourage more young people to take up cycle camping.

You can find out more about what cyclecamp believes in and our aims for the future on the In Depth pages here. Our plans for the future In 2019 we hope to complete the network (and fill in those missing counties) in the South East, South West, Central, Eastern and North West regions.

Next year (2020) we would like to cover the North East and the following year we would like to finish the network in Wales and Scotland.

We hope you support cyclecamp and allow it to help you explore the world and find enjoyment in the outdoors and encourage young people to do the same!


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