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The most surprising thing about being a cycle camper is turning up at a campsite and being asked to pay the same price as a family with a car and a large tent, if not a caravan.
Most campsites charge for a unit: this really means a car and a tent and whoever is in it. But there's no rate for a cycle camper! Some campsites have never met a cycle camper so they haven't even thought about having a separate rate for them.
A cycle camper takes up a smaller space, they don’t need room for a car and most probably have a smaller tent. Not only this but they do less damage to the grass, don’t puff out exhaust fumes and don’t make as much noise (they haven’t got the sound equipment with them).
And there’s another reason cycle campers make less noise: they’ve got rid of all their spare energy doing the cycling!
So just for all these reasons, a cycle camper might expect to pay a bit less than a motorist for a night’s camping. And you might think that campsite owners would be pleased to encourage cycle campers and