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All about our Gap Fillers
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Cyclecamp is unique: we’re the only (as far as we know) camping website that makes sure that you – the cycle camper – can get from one campsite to another in a day's cycle ride – and that’s with a heavily loaded bike. And we choose the nicest campsites, always with a shower and toilet. But sometimes even cyclecamp is stuck: we cannot stick to our 15 mile average distance between campsites without selecting larger, sometimes very commercial campsites.
Many camping websites either give you every campsite or just the really nice ones; cyclecamp is different - we find the nice ones but we also make sure that you can reach them. And if not, we offer an alternative: these are our Gap Filler campsites and they are clearly marked on the campsite pages with our Gap Filler symbol.
These campsites aren’t bad. Mostly they’re quite big and commercial, are less likely to offer a peaceful night’s sleep and have facilities which the cycle camper probably doesn’t need or want. In one or two places, they might be a pub campsite or one with less than brilliant reviews. But nevertheless it might be a case of “any port in a storm”: if you can’t or don’t want to cycle another 20 miles, then better to make your night’s halt.
Although Gap Filler campsites are often large, that doesn’t mean they will have space in high season, so you will still need to give them a ring. But where we have listed a Gap Filler, it means that there isn’t a better campsite nearby (always let us know if you do come across a better one!).
But the best thing of all is that with Gap Fillers we have been able to create a network of campsites: that means that you can set off on your bike in confidence, knowing that there will always be a campsite in reach that day that accepts tents and has a shower and toilet. Not bad, eh?    
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