There's no doubt in our mind that cycle campers care about the environment. They may not be mad keen paid up members of the Green Party but it’s quite likely they love what they see of the natural world and want to care for it.
When it comes to reducing our impact on the natural world, recycling is probably the best thing you can do yourself (apart from riding a bike of course!). Apparently we get through about 8 billion drinks cans in the UK every year (yes that’s 8 billion and, yes, even we had to go away and check our figures on that one). About six billion of these are recycled at Europe’s only can recycling plant in Warrington, Cheshire - that’s about 18 million cans per day.
That means there are still a few lying around the countryside but it shows that they can be recycled if people get them to the recycling points. Cyclists also drink from cans and most do the right thing and wait until they see a recycling point before throwing them away.
But what we cycle campers really appreciate is a recycling point at a campsite. Many campsites try to reduce their rubbish (which costs them to have it removed) by asking campers to take their rubbish away with them. That’s not so easy on a bike so a recycling area for cans, food waste, paper and so forth is really useful. If a campsite has a recycling facility we list it with the other symbols on the campsite listing page.
The good news is that we’re noticing more and more campsites are providing recycling and we’re asking all cyclecamp campsites to do this where possible. We hope you agree it’s a good thing! You can see the symbol here on our Campsite of the Week.
Why we have a recycling symbol on the campsite pages
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