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Welcome to the cyclecamp blog!
It's over three years now since cyclecamp came into being and gingerly stepped into the public view. And we've now had our very own blog for two years.
There's loads happening here at cyclecamp: we're still busy researching the campsite network and will be releasing our next county very soon.
We've had good reports of the cyclecamp network being used on trips and we are now receiving regular requests from campsites to be part of the network. Thanks to cyclecamp, campsites are now making the changes that cycle campers want to see (especially quoting a separate rate for people who arrive on a bicycle having left the kitchen sink and the family car at home!).
Cyclecamp now has the number one search spot on Google for cycle camping and we are making contact around the world with people who have the UK in their sights for their next cycle adventure.
Best of all though has been the support and encouragement we have received over the months from friends, loyal forum members and others - support that every growing website needs - so a really big thanks for that! 
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